Monday, February 2, 2015

choosing a POWER word

When Eileen suggested our Artist Way Group start blogging, everyone said, "Sure..." But like all things in life it takes some of us a longer time to actually START a new thing. It has taken me a SNOW DAY/ a free day with 8 hours of unplanned time to actually get to the New Year's project!

Eileen spoke of her word for the Year. I have many iterations on what my word should be for the year. The first one was, "Say YES to everything!" I came-up with that one when I was on my 2 week Winter break from teaching. It was super easy to say YES- when I didn't have to work....January I went back to work and saying YES became sort of exhausting. The words "calm and content" became the new power words.

I have practiced yoga for more than 20 years. I have a pretty good physical practice down. BUT I have always struggled with the meditation aspect of yoga. Which really any yogi will tell you is the MAIN purpose of yoga; you complete a physical practice so you can clear you mind for the meditation. Not that I don't try to have a meditative practice I just seem to work out; knitting pattern problems, art/craft dilemma's, how to teach 3rd grade math without a curriculum, when I get to see my grand baby again....while I am suppose to be emptying my mind and watching my breath. I am not going to stop trying to meditate, but I don't think I want that pressure of "calm and content" to be my focus this year. It is just TOO far away from who I am!

So this morning when I was journaling my Morning Pages (thank you Julia Cameron) I cam up with "being in the moment." My friend Laura gave me a one minute meditation book this Christmas and I think I can meld my "Say YES and calm and content" into "be in the moment." It is super hard for a planner to be in the moment. I make lists each day and am so excited to cross things off once I accomplish something. If I am trying to just be in the moment maybe the calm and content will happen and I will be able to say YES to more things? MAYBE?!

Here is to Snow Days, calm and peace, be in the moment and say YES....

 These are pictures from a solo walk I took up in Michigan this past weekend.

This is a floating family room attached by paths from the main house...Love this getaway room

 This babbling brook is right in someone's back yard. I would love to have the soothing sounds of water out my bedroom window.

Find your POWER word and change it if it isn't working....              Lucy

Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015...Begin Again...

I love these women.  All strong, talented and fiercely loyal.  The past 15 years has been filled with so many of life experience's.  We have celebrated the good, as in marriages, grand babies, new careers, starting businesses and finishing projects.  We have  mourned and supported each other through  losing our friends,  family members, health issues and worries with our children.  What would we have done without each other? I feel blessed to have these women in my life and am happy to start this blog with you. 

My action word for 2015 is to be fearless.  I want to take charge, find my ground in a subtle and effective way.  I do not not want to be bold or draw attention but I want to be confident and mindful of my actions.  Where this will take me in terms of my creativity or work or family life I am still working out in my head.  I find as I grow older I must let things percolate in my brain before I have a plan.  I hope to explore this later posts.

I read an article about Nick Cave, the artist, and he chooses to be fearless. He creates Sound Suits from found objects.  Then dancers put them on to make them come alive.  Here are some of my favorites:

Look at the movement
I do not even know what this is...
I was also struck recently by Sandro Millers photographs that he collaborated on with John Malkovich.  They recreated iconic photographs using John as the subject.  Wacky but so cool.
If I had my choice I would take this one home for the weekend...
If I could I would take this one home forever...well, maybe not.  A tad creepy.
I first saw John in a play when I was 15 years old in a basement theatre in Chicago.  It forever changed my life.  Thanks Ms. Jarzab for taking us! 
In this space our Artists Way (AW) group hopes to share, rant, explore our experiences with Art, Creativity and Friendship.
Who know where the next 15 years will take us?
PS Will Tricia join us from Charlotte with posts?